Manufacturing private label skin care products for salons, spas, physicians and medical professionals that are highly effective, using scientifically proven ingredients at therapeutic concentrations.   Our manufacturing facility is an entirely self-contained innovative cosmetic and OTC registered production facility, creating and manufacturing some of the hightest quality and most effective skin care products in today’s market at competitive prices.

Our vision is to take the prescription medical philosophy and ethics of medical grade skincare and develop a higher grade of a noticeably active skin care line which represents the integrity and expertise of 40 year’s collective experience – Dr. Kristen Flaharty’s pharmaceutical development experience and Dr. Patrick Flaharty’s medical experience in facial rejuvenation.


Formed by two Drs., science is at the heart of all products manufactured by Trilogy Laboratories. Based on our science background, Trilogy Laboratories is able to cut through the hype of claims which are not substantiated by science. In addition, many products may have active ingredients present, but in such small quantities that they are ineffective. Trilogy Laboratories is committed to providing products with appropriate levels of active ingredients. All products are fully vetted prior to launch.


With more than 20 years of experience and having performed over 20,000 facial rejuvenation procedures, Dr. Patrick Flaharty is a pre-eminent authority on beauty. Author of “Look Younger Now”, he is believes in restoring natural beauty, and maintaining healthy skin. The key is to look natural, not overdone. Dr. Flaharty brings an unparalleled aesthetic eye to his patients and that experience is part of the culture of Trilogy Laboratories.


At Trilogy Laboratories, we consider ourselves forward thinking in the skin care industry. Trilogy keeps abreast of the leading market trends and is involved in an aggressive R&D program to provide our customers with leading edge products.