Time to break out your sandals and sunnies: beach season is upon us! Though we’re all excited to soak up some Vitamin D this summer, many of us are on a quest for the best SPF products to protect our skin from the sun. The days of lying out for hours to achieve the perfect […]Continue Reading
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Summer is just around the corner, and while we’re all looking forward to a little fun in the sun, we know that protecting your skin from the fierce Florida heat can be a challenge. The majority of products on the market contain ingredients that are potential skin irritants, which makes shopping for summer skin care […]Continue Reading
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Have you ever been overwhelmed by all the choices at the makeup counter?  Well, you're not alone. We have been so impressed by the positive feedback we've been getting on our Minerale Makeup line that we wanted to take the opportunity to blog about all its benefits! Mineral makeup has been growing in popularity since it's commercial introduction […]Continue Reading
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January 7, 2016

Winter Skin Care Tips

With the temperatures finally starting to drop, and the thermostats heating up, one thing we need to pay extra attention to this winter is the health of our skin. While the absence of humidity here in Florida (and elsewhere in the Northern Hemisphere) is surly something to celebrate, we can’t forget about our skin, and […]Continue Reading
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