Trilogy Laboratories participated in Manufacture’s Day on October 2nd with local students from North Fort Myers High School. Owner, Kristen Flaharty showed the students the in’s and out’s of a small laboratory and manufacturing business. Visit the links below to
Professional Skin Care
Rapid technological advancements in the field of cosmeceuticals (topical products with pharmacologic activity) have led to the development of new active formulations.  One of the most promising new groups of bioactive molecules are growth factors. Growth factors are naturally occurring
Professional Skin Care
College is a stressful time for your skin. Whether you’re an incoming freshman eager to live on your own, sleep in until whenever you want, and eat as much pizza as your heart desires, or a returning student promising to
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August 19, 2015

Gluten-Free Cosmetics

“Gluten-free” has been a buzz word lately among foodies, the health conscious, and it has recently entered the world of cosmetics. Now not only will you be bombarded with the “gluten-free” descriptor at your local grocery store, but it will
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