Discover the Trilogy line of products for sale to every consumer. Whether the Azul medical-grade products for skin transformation, or our Minerale Makeup using all natural ingredients that look and feel great, we have you covered with a full range of therapeutic products for all skin types.

Azul Medical: Skincare 

Medical Grade Skin Care: Treatments and Products for Skin Transformation

Under the guidance of Dr. Patrick Flaharty, the Azul Medical Spa offers state of the art treatments and products. The philosophy of Azul is to use active ingredients at high concentrations in order to maximize benefit in skin transformation. All treatment regimens are customized for individual patient skin type and needs by highly trained staff. The launch of the Azul Medical and Azul Blue Diamond product lines in 2015 is eagerly anticipated! Azul Medical will provide all the tools needed by medical estheticians to help their clients restore skin health and beauty; the focus is on transformation. The Azul Blue Diamond line promises to be the highest quality cosmeceutical line of products available.

Minerale Makeup

Makeup with Benefits • Looks Natural & Feels Great

The hallmark of mineral makeup is that it looks natural and feels great. It is ideal for all skin tones and women of all ages! It covers imperfections, yet allows the skin to breathe, with the added benefit of a natural SPF of at least a 15. Our Minerale Makeup products have been formulated to convey additional benefits consistent with our medical skin care product philosophy.