Sculpting products for everyBODY

People of all ages want to get the body of their dreams. Stubborn fat, cellulite and sagging skin are common struggles for many of us despite calorie counting, plenty of time at the gym and regular spa visits. Fortunately, there are procedures and topical products that can help your clients achieve the look they’ve always wanted. Trilogy has developed products using key ingredients to help your clients get the body they have always desired.

Body Sculpting Lotion

Our Body Sculpting Lotion actively works to reduce the appearance of cellulite, tone and sculpt areas that need a smoother and firmer appearance as well as provide prolonged preventive care. This product is on the cutting edge of natural-based adipose management for cellulite, fat reduction, and saggy skin tone. The advanced biotech ingredients are built for long-term tissue restoration and prevention of the appearance of aging and can be particularly effective when combined with physical activity. The active ingredient ActiGym, a bacillus and soybean ferment derived from marine sponge, mimics the effect of endurance and exercise training by increasing adiponectin release and enhancing mitochondrial activity. It improves body tone and redefines the silhouette by reducing abdomen and thigh contour, arm sagginess, and decreasing body weight. How great is that? ActiGym works hand in hand with another ingredient in this lotion, Nocturshape, which takes advantage of the circadian rhythms and targets fat cells. This helps reduce thigh contour and smooth the skin making an improvement of cellulite appearance. The third active ingredient, Symfit, a Bobgunnia Madagascariensis wood extract, aids in reducing the appearance of cellulite. All three of these ingredients work cohesively to leave your skin more toned and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Body Sculpting Oil

Our Body Sculpting Oil is uniquely formulated with a new generation of squalene and squalene oils with added plant sterols that fill in the deficits of fatty acid and ceramides lost while aging. Combining squalene’s ability to retain moisture with plant sterols will improve your clients skin texture, leaving a healthier more youthful appearance. In addition, the oil activates the fat-burning mechanisms of adipose tissue to reduce excess fat and remodel your figure. This product will immediately hydrate your skin, leaving you with a healthier, firmer and more balanced appearance all while reducing fat. And you don’t have to take our word for it. There is clinical data that proves the effectiveness of these ingredients!

The best part about these products is that you can use them in combination with a procedure, like CoolsculptingTM, or your regular gym routine to achieve a firm, smooth, sculpted body. Your clients are going to love the results! If you’re interested in learning more about our body sculpting products or any of our amazing product lines, fill out this form for more information.

Trends in skin care ingredients

As we mentioned in our previous blog, we recently attended the New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists meeting in New York City and learned all about the latest innovations, revelations and trends. Now that we’ve discussed and taken you through what’s trending in skin care, let’s take a look at trends in skin care ingredients.

Clean skin care products – Fewer ingredients means a cleaner product. This is more than just a trend –  it is a shift. Clean and natural skin care is important to the consumer and continues to grow in popularity. Since there are no regulations defining what those terms “clean and natural skin care” mean, some companies tout that their products and ingredients are clean when, in fact, they are not. One thing you can do is take a look at the list of ingredients on the back of your everyday skin care products. The fewer the ingredients and the more you can pronounce, the cleaner your product is. Read the label next time you’re in the market for a new product. The long list of ingredients may surprise you!

Pre- and Probiotics – Every now and then, the skin care world gets taken over by trends and ingredients that people suddenly can’t get enough of. Some may appear to be unlikely heroes at first but have since gone on to prove that they truly are skin care powerhouses (like coconut oil, for example). Probiotics belong to that category of ingredients that may raise some eyebrows but can do a lot of good. Probiotics are live strands of “good” bacteria that are formulated to help your skin. When applied topically, probiotics have also been found to provide numerous benefits. Similar to how dietary probiotics impact your stomach’s biome, probiotic skin care products try to promote a healthy skin biome by influencing the types of bacteria that live on your skin. In order to keep those probiotics working effectively, prebiotics have hit the market. Prebiotics are food for the probiotic bacteria that help them thrive on your skin. Using pre- and probiotics together is a one-two punch! Some of the known benefits of pre- and probiotics include improving inflammatory skin conditions, strengthening the skin barrier and delaying signs of aging. There are now multiple pre- and probiotic ingredients on the market that aim to restore harmony to the microbiome of the skin and keep it healthy.

Cannabinoids – Beauty and wellness products containing cannabidiol (CBD, the non-hallucinogenic form derived from the cannabis family) are becoming increasingly popular. These ingredients have tremendous anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.  Hemp oil, which is loaded with fatty acids, also addresses sun damage. CBD products derived from hemp are legal in all states, those derived from the marijuana plant are not.  Trilogy Laboratories is currently working on developing skin care products that contain hemp-derived CBD ingredients!

We hope you enjoyed our two-part mini blog series on what’s trending in skin care and current skin care ingredient trends. Trilogy Laboratories is taking advantage of the knowledge we learned at the New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists meeting and putting it to work. Keep an eye out for some of our new products containing these trending ingredients in the near future!

Trilogy Laboratories named finalist for Florida Sterling Award

Trilogy Laboratories has always been committed to innovation and best practices. Now, industry leaders are taking notice. The Fort Myers-based maker of high-quality skincare products, including Azul SkinHealth and Integraderm, is one of six finalists in the small business category for the 2018 Florida Sterling Manufacturing Business Excellence Awards.

The awards recognize top-performing manufacturers for their superior leadership, strategic planning, customer service, analytics and operations. Finalists were selected from an original field of 120 companies and invited to attend the 2018 Governor’s Sterling Awards Banquet at the JW Marriott Orlando, Grande Lakes on June 1 where winners will be announced.

“We are excited to be a finalist for this prestigious honor,” said Dr. Kristen Flaharty, Trilogy Laboratories owner and founder. “It’s a testament to our dedication to the scientific research and development necessary to make products that truly deliver results.”

The Florida Sterling Council, a nonprofit assessment and training organization, and Florida Makes, a statewide manufacturing trade association, collaborate to give out the awards each year. Florida Sterling-trained examiners and manufacturing representatives evaluate nominees based on questionnaires, interviews and site visits.

FloridaMakes will feature Trilogy and other finalists in upcoming plant tours, webinars and events to help share best practices that can benefit Florida’s manufacturing sector.

Building your private label skin care brand

You’ve been through the manufacturing and private labeling development process, you’ve worked with our designers to create a custom label, you’ve decided on a name for your product and now it’s time for the next step: Build your business with your branded products!

1) Train your staff: First and foremost, successfully launching a private label skin care brand begins with informing your employees about your new custom products. Host a training session to educate them on the products, active ingredients within those products and their benefits. Your staff plays a vital role in the promotion and sales of your custom label, so make sure they feel comfortable and confident answering any questions a customer may have about the products. Your clients see you as the expert. They seek your advice, respect your knowledge and trust your recommendations. Therefore, your team’s endorsement of a product is the most powerful influence on their skincare buying decisions.

2) Display your product: Now that you’ve trained your staff, it’s time to give your custom label the prime real estate it deserves! Set up an attractive display, including testers and informative materials, in your office near the receptionist or checkout counter. Keep your products visually appealing by cleaning and restocking regularly. Placing small product displays in each treatment room is ideal. Lucite or acrylic box displays are a wonderful way to highlight your products throughout your office. Not to mention, this creates an opportunity for your clients to start a dialogue about their current skincare regimen and ask for your recommendation on which of your products would benefit them. If the client doesn’t initiate this conversation, your staff should! Again, your clients see you as the expert and trust your recommendations, so be sure your staff is suggesting your product to address clients’ skin care concerns.

3) Update your website: In addition to having your products displayed in your office, they should also be on your website. Both current and potential clients visit your website for numerous reasons, whether to learn more about your company or to review your products and services. Having your custom label products on your website allows customers to learn more about the ingredients and benefits, and purchase your products from the convenience of their home. Essentially, you’re creating another platform for your patients to buy your products directly from your practice, ultimately increasing your revenue. Who doesn’t want that?

4) Tell your customers: Another avenue to build your brand and educate customers is through digital marketing and advertising. It’s as simple as sending out emails and promoting your products on social media. Most of the time, if someone has given you their email, they are already interested in your products. This gives you a chance to entice them with special offers or highlight new products you have available (your newly customized private label skincare products). Social media is quickly becoming one of the most important aspects of digital marketing, which provides incredible benefits and helps spread the word about your products. By sharing your products on both your personal and company social media accounts, you are expanding your reach and giving more than just your current clients an opportunity to learn about your new products. Consider offering a discount to your current clients who like and share social media posts about your new private label skin care products. Referrals and shares on social media are great ways to get other people interested in your product and drive awareness and sales.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to start building your business with your branded products. You are in the perfect position to take advantage of the benefits private labeling has to offer, including increased revenue and a stronger relationship with your clients. Your clients are more likely to spend their skincare money with someone they trust, so what are you waiting for? Go out there and start building your brand!